The Viceroy Anguilla’s Half Shell Beach Bar – The Secret Weapon They Don’t Even Know About

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If you go to the Viceroy Anguilla’s Facebook page and scroll through the photos and updates they’ve shared of their breathtaking resort, you won’t find any mention of the Half Shell Beach Bar. In fact, the only images you’ll find of it are from visitors back in 2012. I don’t know why it isn’t featured more. Maybe when you can offer views like this one from their Sunset Lounge, you don’t worry about promoting your beach bar on social media.

Credit Lionel Eric

Credit Lionel Eric

Described on their website as “an intimate bar on Barnes Bay offering frozen cocktails and ice-cold beer to enjoy while relaxing on the beach” that offers a light menu that includes salads and wraps, the Half Shell beach bar even struggles to garner a modicum of respect on their website. While Coba and the Sunset Lounge get all the attention, the Half Shell is listed as a subcategory under “Restaurants,” as in “Oh yeah, we have a nice little beach bar you may want to check out if you have the time.”

In all seriousness, the Viceroy Anguilla is doing just fine without me, thank you, and will probably do just fine without the Half Shell beach bar. However, if I was ever going to end up at the Viceroy (I would have to sneak past their security guards because I don’t think I have a credit card with a high enough limit to stay there for a week), I would head straight for the Half Shell beach bar, order a delicious salad and wrap, wash it down with a vodka on the rocks and settle in for the beautiful sunsets over Barnes Bay. And if I’m caught there and they ask for my room number? I’ll mutter something incoherent and take off down the beach and guess what? Even though I just ate, I’ll be able to get away without cramping because of that delicious salad and wrap – God bless the Half Shell’s light menu. I’m always thinking ahead.

Credit My Anguilla Vacation

Credit My Anguilla Vacation

A special thanks to My Anguilla Vacation for the image of the Half Shell Beach Bar. Apparently, they also recognize a treasure when they see it. For all things Anguilla, you can visit their website here.

Author: Tom W.

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