Garvey’s Sunshine Shack – The Most Popular Beach Bar In Anguilla?

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The Sunshine Shack, an Anguilla beach bar located on Rendezvous Bay beach, may not be the most well known beach bar on this island but it’s most definitely one of the favorites of my readers. While the Dune Preserve and Elvis’ may get most of the press and deservedly so, there’s no question that the Sunshine Shack, known to locals as Garvey’s (the name of the owner), is the one that most people insist I visit. Maybe it’s because they assume I’m going to visit Dune Preserve and Elvis’ (I am) so they don’t mention those so they want to make sure I include Garvey’s on my itinerary. Rest assured, Garvey’s Sunshine Shack is definitely on my list. After writing about his beach bar previously on the blog and interacting numerous times with whomever runs his Twitter account, I’ve gathered enough information personally to know that a visit to Anguilla would be incomplete without a visit to see Garvey in action. And the pictures I keep seeing posted from here – something tells me the hardest part will be good bye.

Credit flickr use "therealaxalday"

Credit flickr use “therealaxalday”

If you had to choose the most popular beach bar on Anguilla and one that had to be visited among all the others, which one would it be? Let me know in the comments so I can make sure and add as many as possible to my list!

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Author: Tom W.

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  1. Garvey’s Sunshine Shack gets my vote for BEST beach bar in Anguilla! Eat. Drink. Relax. Repeat. The BBQ, coctails, and view of Rendevous Bay are nothing short of amazing.

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    • Thanks, Jeanene! I think that’s where we’ll spend our afternoon on Friday. Head over to Dune Preserve and then walk down the beach to Garvey’s. Sounds like the perfect day!

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  2. No trip to Anguilla is complete without a stop at Garveys. The scenery is amazing, the food and drink are awesome and the host might outshine both of the above. Other places might be more “famous” but I will take Garveys over them every time. We enjoyed it so much that we asked him to host our wedding reception this past May. He not only posted it he hit it out of the park! When you are there, look up at the ceiling and then order 8 more shots and tell him Jeff & Sirena and Jason, Karl and the rest of our wedding party says hello!

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    • Thanks, Jeff and Sirena! It sounds like a lot of people agree with you. Others may be more famous but Garvey’s is definitely a favorite of others who have been there. I don’t know about 8 more shots but I’ll give it a go and relay the message for you! Cheers!

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