Anguilla Week Kicks Off!

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As we get closer to setting foot on the shores of Anguilla (November 27th can’t get here soon enough), the thought that we will regret being there for only two nights starts to overwhelm me and I try to figure out what kind of excuses I’m going to have to come up with to island hop back over there. Life is hard for a beach bar bum, people. As much as I’m sure we’ll love spending the following days in St. Martin, something tells me the first few days we spend in Anguilla will only whet my appetite for more time on this small Caribbean island and I will hate VRBO and St. Martin for offering such affordable accommodations.

View of Road Bay, our home during our visit to Anguilla. Credit: Stefan Krasowski

View of Road Bay, our home during our visit to Anguilla. Credit: Stefan Krasowski

I’m already planning on taking the ferry from St. Martin to Anguilla on the Tuesday that we’ll be there for an all day beach bar crawl conducted in the name of “research.” The more I look into the beach bars of Anguilla, the more I realize that my memories of the day may become more cloudy as we reach the end of our tour. Anywho, someone has to do it so it might as well be me. If I don’t personally visit and archive all of the beach bars on the island, I just won’t be able to sleep at night.

If you want to help me celebrate Anguilla and learn a little bit about this thin slice of paradise, follow along on my social media sites (links below) as I spend the week sharing everything I can find on the island that is sure to break my heart as I wave goodbye from the ferry at Blowing Point (cue the onslaught of tears and screeching wails of “Nooooooo!”).

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  1. I just stumbled on your web site. Great Stuff! My wife and I will be in Anguilla for a week starting 11/28. Perhaps we’ll bump into you at one of the fabulous beach bars!



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