Bringing the Cocktail Bar Experience to the Beach

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I’m always trying to figure out what my future beach bar is going to look like and how I can make it unique. I want it to be on all of those “best beach bars” lists so trying to come up with a scheme to make it stand out is a little daunting. After all, there are thousands of beach bars all over the world, each one of them trying to set themselves apart from the other. I’m no Elvis, Foxy or Lion whose mere personalities are enough to draw people to their beach bars. In fact, if my very dry humor (dry as in the opposite of sweet), lame attempt at small talk (I loathe it because I suck at it) and sardonic wit (it borders on offensive) are what we depend on to draw people to my beach bar, we’re in big trouble. Location is always key but then again, most beach bars are already on the beach (hence the word “beach” before “bar”) so you aren’t going to be able to top that.

So what to do? First, I’m going to bring back the Thirsty Thursday articles. I’ve always enjoyed talking cocktails and the articles give me the opportunity to catalog great drinks and get inspired at the same time. That knowledge will be what sets my beach bar apart. If there’s one thing that most beach bars have, it’s that they offer the same drink. Sure, some have minor variations here and there (including their “signature” drinks) but for the most part, you’re going to walk up to a beach bar and order a rum punch, something mixed in a blender or a cocktail that contains two ingredients – the liquor and the mixer. I want my beach bar to be a place people seek out because they want to enjoy a great cocktail, where they go to to appreciate the art of making drinks and get to experience the social aspect of drinking. It’s the whole “cocktail bar on the beach” thing, similar to what tiki bars have mastered but with a view that can’t be beat.

Until then, I’ll keep “researching” drinks at my favorite local cocktail bar because after all, someone has to figure out which drinks to put on the menu, right?


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Author: Tom W.

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