Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin – Where Boobies and Beach Bars Go Hand in Hand

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Orient Bay Beach in St. Martin is full of objects that start with a “B,” which on this blog stands for beach bars. While full frontal nudity is as common on some parts of this decidedly “European” beach as its beach bars, the good news is that for those of you that take offense at full frontal, the nude end of the beach is clearly marked. However, consider yourself forewarned – boobies and beach bars go hand in hand on the rest of the beach in Orient Bay. The French may be prudes when it comes to certain aspects of life (food, wine, manners, life in general, etc.) but when it comes to showing off what the good Lord blessed you with, they are considerably “comme ci comme ca” in their attitude and you just need to grin and bare it (catch the pun?).

While we’ll be staying over on Simpson Bay, I knew a visit to Orient Bay Beach was going to be in the cards for the simple fact that it’s the beach everyone says you need to visit while on St. Martin. It’s natural beauty rivals any of the beaches in the Caribbean but you know me – while I love beautiful beaches, you probably won’t find me on one unless it has a beach bar plopped down on it somewhere. Ron Hall, in one of his Conde Nast Traveler articles, says it best: “To find anywhere in the world a beach of this quality without a building, without a road, without even an excursion boat, is a rare treat and worth all the alarms of getting there. The only thing it lacks to achieve utter perfection is a little beach bar made out of driftwood, with an affable and talented barkeep.” After viewing the images below, it will be clear why I’m looking forward to trudging up and down Orient Bay in search of my affable and talented barkeep.

All photos by flickr user “alljengi.”

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Author: Tom W.

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