Rumshop Ryan Debuts New St. Kitts Beach Bar Video

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Rumshop Ryan, one of the premier Caribbean bloggers, recently debuted a new video he produced about the Strip in St. Kitts. Located on South Frigate Bay, the Strip is a stretch of beach bars that has been featured on this blog many times with enough beach bars that you could visit two a day for a week and probably not get to all of them. Surrounded by towering hills on both ends, the Strip has been able to avoid being dominated by mega resorts due to the fact that it’s literally a strip of land with the Caribbean on one side and a vast salt pond on the other. The only resort in the area is Timothy Beach Resort, located on the southeast end of the beach.

Looking down the Strip from Inon's beach bar.

Looking down the Strip from Inon’s beach bar.

The video “features the soothing waves of South Frigate Bay, or better known as “The Strip”. The Strip is the main entertainment area on St. Kitts, it’s a stretch of sand located a few miles south of the capital town of Basseterre and just a couple minutes drive from the large St. Kitts Marriott Resort. The Strip is a beach bar lover’s paradise. To view the video and read about Ryan’s experience at this beach bar nirvana, you can check out his article here.

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