New Beach Bar Opens in Anguilla

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Recently planting its sandy toes in Island Harbour, Falcon Nest Bar and Grill is the latest beach bar to come to Anguilla. Located just east of Everett’s right by the dock to Scilly Cay, it’s described by Anguilla Beaches (plenty of pretty pictures!) as a beach bar that “ticks all of the key “beach bar boxes,” offering sun, sand and excellent seafood” and “is quickly establishing itself as a formidable beach bar and restaurant, one of the best on the eastern side of the Island.” If you’re looking for inexpensive places to eat on the island, one commenter on a Trip Advisor forum states that “The menu has a great selection of seafood dishes (fish, lobster, conch) as well as ribs, chicken, and burgers. Chicken was $3, ribs were $6, burger was $8 (I think). Fish entrees were between $12 and $18. Sides for the entrees include slaw, fries, rice and peas, or plantains.”

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Consider Falcon Nest added to my beach bar crawl plans for Anguilla because if there’s anything I like more than beach bars, its good cheap eats and Falcon Nest gives me both with a view that’s hard to beat. Come to think of it, isn’t that how you can describe most beach bars – good cheap eats, delicious drinks and a view that’s hard to beat?

If you’ve been to Falcon Nest, let me know in the comments. The worse thing about finding new beach bars is the lack of information available online. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Author: Tom W.

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