Dining at Beach Bars? I’m No Foodie But ….

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Beach bars and food have been on my mind lately (thanks in part to this article from Carib Journal) which isn’t out of the ordinary considering I’m constantly thinking about beach bars and my stomach is a seemingly bottomless pit. How crucial dining options are to a beach bar’s success and popularity, however, have been something I’ve been contemplating recently and it leads to this question – can a beach bar be successful without offering a food menu? The answer to that question ties neatly into the popularity aspect. After all, successful beach bars are generally popular ones and among the favorites of locals and visitors alike. When you consider your favorite beach bars, how much did the dining options influence that? If the beach bar didn’t offer food choices, would that beach bar still be one of your favorites?

Beachbars.co recently posted an image of Cathy’s Beach Bar, located on the Strip in St. Kitts, on their Facebook page and while I consider Cathy’s far and away the best place to eat on the Strip, I wouldn’t consider it one of my favorite beach bars. I never ate a thing at the Bunker Bar in Aruba but I still consider it my favorite beach bar located at a resort. On the other side of the argument, Sprat Net in St. Kitts wouldn’t even be in the conversation for one of my favorite beach bars if it wasn’t for their plates full of food that melt in your mouth. The same can be said about OJ’s in Antigua – if it wasn’t for their delicious dinner offerings, it probably wouldn’t even rank among my favorite beach bars just on the island.

cathy's beach bar

Can a beach bar be successful and not have dining options? As potential buyers look into purchasing a beach bar, it’s something they have to consider. They have to ask themselves if they’re ready to not only deal with the beach bar part of their business but the “grill” part also.

If you’ve been to a great beach bar that didn’t offer food, tell me about it in the comments. Do food choices matter to you when considering which beach bar you want to visit? I would love to read your feedback and gain some valuable insight into the importance of dining options when considering a beach bar.
And now I’m hungry and microwaved leftovers don’t sound as good as they did before I started this article.

Author: Tom W.

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