Tampa Bay Area Beach Bar For Sale

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A Tampa Bay, Florida area beach bar just came up for sale this past week. I’m assuming the beach bar is in the Tampa area since that’s where the listing agent, David Britton, is based. Details are limited and the actual beach bar isn’t listed. As with many businesses, the sellers like to remain anonymous to avoid having a negative impact on their current business operations. The beach bar is described on Mr. Britton’s listing as follows: “Beach Bar, Beach Bar, Beach Bar! This is what everybody is looking for, a Beach Bar AND PROPERTY!!! This customer has a great business, they serve breakfast in the morning, have football on Sundays, and did I mention that they Brew their own beer too?!?! Business is great, foods wonderful, and the crowd loves the staff and you will too! Does nearly $1 million a year in sales!” That should help narrow it down. How many beach bars in the Tampa Bay area brew their own beer?


After almost a week of posting articles on the St. Pete Beach area, this might be the opportunity for someone to make their dream of living in the area come true AND own their own beach bar. Talk about livin’ de life! For more information (which you can only get if you agree to sign your life away) including the asking price, you can view the listing here.

Photo by Don Johnson. No, not that Don Johnson. This Don Johnson.

Author: Tom W.

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