St. Pete Beach Week: One Image That Captures What I Love About Beach Bars

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I love beach bars (that’s why this blog exists) but my shortcomings as a writer, showcased on this blog many times including in this run on sentence, sometimes prohibit me from accurately expressing my adoration for them to my three readers. That’s when I turn to pictures and the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words rings especially true with this image.


The photo, taken by John McNicholas, isn’t the best picture in the world but it’s not bad either. It’s actually pretty good but even more than that, it tells a story. It tells the story of a beach bar in St. Pete Beach at sunset (Paradise Grille, maybe?) with patrons of all ages gathered around for the daily show Mother Nature puts on. It shows a band playing music and an adult playing with a child on the sand in the shade of towering palm trees. We even catch a glimpse of the water and Adirondack chairs specifically situated to absorb the sun’s setting rays.

If pictures are supposed to tell stories, this one nails it. It transports the viewer to the moment and makes you yearn to put yourself physically into the scene and feel the warmth not just of the sun but from the southern hospitality of these beach bar bums in St. Pete Beach. So thank you, Mr. McNicholas, for giving me a momentary escape and reminder of why I fell in love with beach bars in the first place.

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