Droning Around The Postcard Inn, St. Pete Beach, Florida

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When I found out one of my friends was heading down to the St. Pete Beach area to shoot some drone videos, I immediately set about contacting resorts and beach bars to see if there was any interest in letting him shoot drone video around their property. The response from the Postcard Inn was immediate – I had already worked with them on a set of articles for their Islamorada property and they were more than thrilled to help us build our portfolio.


The resulting drone video was more than I could have ever hoped for. It takes you on a journey around the Postcard Inn’s property that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy while highlighting the natural beauty that surrounds it in St. Pete Beach. From the white sand and rolling waves that front the property on its beachfront to the cooling blue waters of the pool that functions as the centerpiece of its courtyard, the Postcard Inn gets to show off what makes it a longtime favorite of visitors to St. Pete Beach. The video even pauses for a moment at their beach bar, taking a few seconds to salute the beach bar bum in all of the readers of this blog and making me salivate like Pavlov’s dog (see beach bar, start salivating). The video fittingly starts with a sunset and ends with a sunset, wrapping us in the warmth of the sun’s glow that the inhabitants of St. Pete Beach get to enjoy every day. Some people just have it good.

If the video doesn’t appear on your screen, you can view it here on YouTube.

Did you enjoy this video? If so and you would like your property featured, email us at info@beachbarbums.com. Years of hanging out at beach bars have made us excellent storytellers and we’d love to tell your story.

Drone video production and images by the always awesome Chris Sanchez, Warsaw, Indiana.


Author: Tom W.

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