It’s a St. Pete Beach Kind of Week

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Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time (anyone?) knows that I’m a big fan of St. Pete Beach, Florida even though I’ve never visited. Everything I’ve heard, read and seen has done nothing to dissuade me from the opinion that its spot near the top of my wish list is warranted. From the beach bars to the powdery white sand and spectacular sunsets, St. Pete Beach has grabbed a hold of my wandering soul and yelled “Go south, young man!” In celebration of my far away obsession with St. Pete Beach, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s posts to everything St. Pete Beach from the resorts to the beach bars to the people that call it home. We’re celebrating St. Pete Beach this week and I hope you come along for the ride!

10402409804_d8c3364eb4_zImage by Flickr user “annie!”

The highlight of the week will be the release of our first ever drone videos. Completed with the cooperation of the Postcard Inn and Caddy’s on the Beach and produced by Chris Sanchez from Warsaw, Indiana, the videos are just the beginning of our foray into helping beach bars, resorts and other travel and tourism related business tell their story. From video to photography to writing to social media management, they all have a story and we want to help tell it.

So sit back and enjoy this virtual tour of St. Pete Beach. We think you’ll like the story it has to tell.

3412524212_289df673b9_zImage by Marcy Kellar.

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