Sunsets and Sails at Mallory Square, Key West

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The sunsets at Mallory Square in Key West were probably the highlight of my trip. We were able to attend the nightly spectacle on two different days with two different views and I came away in awe both times. I took way too many photos of the sunsets but when your photographic skills are borderline such as mine, the more you take, the better. Hopefully, one or two turn out to be keepers.

One of the things that add to the sunsets from Mallory Square (besides the clouds, ocean, bobbing boats, Sunset Key and other islands, etc.) is the sail boats that slowly scoot by, most of them taking tourists on a sunset cruise. Sunsets are pretty cool in my book but add a sailboat or two and I’m all gaga and can’t reach for my camera fast enough.

Because I took way too many photos of the sunsets at Mallory Square, I have some sorting to do before I can find the few that might hopefully (fingers cross) be decent enough to post on the blog. Until then, here are some pics from photographers who know what they’re doing (and one who thinks she does) and also recognize that sails make a sunset all that much better.


Image 1 by Sathish J
Image 2 by Sathish J
Image 3 by Sathish J
Image 4 by Jeff Nickel
Image 5 by Ed Yourdon
Image 6 by Rahul Nair
Image 7 by Jason Keiter
Last image by my wife with a lot of post processing by me to make it presentable. I mean, really, A LOT.

Author: Tom W.

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