We Built Our Own Beach Bar!

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When I asked for submissions from readers of my blog and Facebook community for their own personal beach bars and tiki bars, the reaction was better than I could have hoped for. Of all the submissions, however, there was one that stood out above the rest and I knew it had to be featured in the next article. Being a beach bar bum 90 minutes from the ocean makes life unbearable at times so Brig Stearns built his own beach/tiki bar. He got his inspiration from Charlie’s Tiki Bar in Whitestone, VA, which is no longer open, and incorporated pallets for the shelves, his collection of driftwood and plenty of pirate flags to adorn the walls. If that doesn’t scream “beach bar!” then I don’t know what does. Six months later, Brig, who loves to entertain his friends (and any other strays that might show up), finished his bar and opened for business.


This wasn’t Brig’s first personal beach bar. He also had one at his previous residence and something tells me a lot of people would have paid a premium to have that sitting in their backyard. I never would have left my house!


And just when you thought that was it, he also has a mobile version! Not surprisingly, it’s a hit at Kenny Chesney concerts and plenty of the No Shoes Nation have partied at this “travel tiki.”


I really wish Brig was my neighbor.

Do you have pictures of a beach or tiki themed beach bar you would like to share with the world? Send me a message through my Facebook page or email me at info@beachbarbums.com. Your pictures could be featured on the blog and better yet, could quite possibly make me very jealous!

Author: Tom W.

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  1. amazing! we’re planning to build our own tiki bar down by the lake at our cottage next summer!

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    • Thanks for the comment, Jen! I’ll run these articles as long as I keep getting submissions so keep checking back for inspiration. Would love to see your new tiki bar when it’s finished!

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