Photo of the Day: Frozen Margarita at Shipwreck Beach Bar, St. Kitts

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Shipwreck Beach Bar and Grill on South Friar’s Bay in St. Kitts is one of my favorite beach bars. Depending on what day it is, it could even occupy the top spot. Throw in an image of a frozen margarita and it makes me wish I was back there debating whether or not margaritas should be frozen or on the rocks as the sun sets on another beautiful day in St. Kitts. Normally, I like my margaritas on the rocks with a salter rim. This image, though, is changing my mind.

Frozen margarita served at Ship Wreck Beach Bar and Grill on Sou

Photo by Robert Neff. Click on this link for the source and license info. HDR processing by yours truly.

Author: Tom W.

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