We Built Our Own Beach Bar!

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Sometimes when you can’t get to the beach bar for various reasons (no designated driver, the ocean’s 12 hours away, you’re too busy, etc.), a thought crosses your mind, the light bulb goes off and you say to yourself “I should build my own beach bar. After all, if I build it, they will come.” I did. It’s the first thing we did when we moved into our new house that had a bar in the basement. Any self-respecting beach bar bum would convert their basement bar into a tiki/beach bar, right? New carpet? Eh. New paint? Who cares. New kitchen appliances? We can go to McDonalds. We have a beach bar to build!

Images of my finished product will come at a later time. Through the community that follows my page on Facebook, I’ve received a lot of pictures of people’s home bars and I decided to show them off on the blog. Today’s first personal beach/tiki bar comes from Paul Tollefson on Hilton Head Island. I wanted it to be the first one I featured because he includes his son in the image playing on the steel pan and if there’s anything that is music to my ears, it’s the sound of steel pan drums. Now that’s a dad who is raising his son right!


Do you have a personal/home beach/tiki bar you’d like to have featured on the site? If so, message me through the Facebook page or send me an email at info@beachbarbums.com that includes an image or images of the bar and a short description. As a small token of my appreciation, I’ll send you two Beach Bar Bums koozies to put to work at your bar. Cheers!

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  1. Necessity is the mother of invention, yes? Great pic – I was just at Hilton Head weekend before last…hard to imagine with all the bars somebody would need to make their own, but I suppose when you live someplace like that, you gotta have your own to escape the tourists….like me. Good luck with yours!

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    • Thanks for the comment! What did you think of Hilton Head? I’ve heard a lot of great things about it.

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      • I loved the beaches, but the island per se was pretty commercialized – less of an island and more like a small metropolitan area. We could hand-feed the dolphins from the kayak, surfing was great, and beachside bars were aplenty – you should go sometime.

        We also hit Jeckyl Island, GA on the way up, but the closest thing to a beach bar was the island’s lone liquor store. Fishing & biking were a blast there, though. Great family vacay destination.

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        • I’ll definitely have to keep it in mind. You got my attention when you said “beachside bars were aplenty.” 🙂

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