Help Me Make This Beach Bar Site Better!

As the redesigned website gets closer to going live, I tried to figure out how I could make it more useful. While posting pretty pictures and comments full of dry humor (with the emphasis on “dry”) will always be fun, I decided to post more informative articles and encourage feedback via the “Comments” section on the blog. You’ll start to see more articles that contain less pictures and mind numbing blabbering and more useful information. These new articles will typically contain a short intro, one or two images, and then links to social media and blog reviews. You’ll also see a video or two, a map so you can find the beach bar and text from me imploring the reader to leave comments. This is the most important part – I can post all the info I want about beach bars but people want to hear from others who have been there and will leave unbiased comments. So help a fellow beach bar bum out and leave a comment about the beach bar in the article – one day they might return the favor!


Thanks in advance for your help in making the site a better one!

Author: Tom W.

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