Anguilla Beach Bars: Blanchard’s Beach Shack, Meads Bay

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Blanchard’s Beach Shack on Meads Bay in Anguilla is a location I fell in love with before it even existed. How did that happen? I’m glad you asked! I read the book “A Trip to the Beach” and ever since, I’ve had this hankering to go visit Bob and Melinda at their restaurant. The only problem? I knew it was going to be expensive. You don’t get to sample the delicious offerings at Blanchard’s Restaurant without shelling out some serious dough. Or at least more than I’m comfortable handing to strangers. Luckily for me, they decided to open a beach shack with the required less casual setting a name like that implies. They call it “a delicious alternative in a casual, picture-postcard setting.” I like the sound of that.

I’m going to set foot on Anguilla this winter if it kills me. I’ve met too many great people online from the island and the beach bars there are calling my name. Blanchard’s (the Beach Shack, that is) will be high on my list of beach bars to saunter up to dressed to the nines in nothing but the latest in Beach Bar Bum couture – t-shirt, swim trunks and sandals. I might sit down for dinner at the restaurant but if you see someone doing a dine and dash, to quote Shaggy: “It wasn’t me.”

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If Blanchard’s Beach Shack sounds like the place for you, make sure and check their website first to see when they’re open as the were closed all of September and October of this year.

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About Blanchard’s Beach Shack: “Blanchards Beach Shack (BBS) opened in December, 2011 and is located on Meads Bay Beach right next door to Blanchards Restaurant. On an island known for its expensive restaurants, we offer a delicious alternative in a casual, picture-postcard setting.

Enjoy a table on the beach or ask for your order to go.

We’re serving some of our all-time favorite foods: Lobster rolls, a spicy Jerk chicken sandwich, tacos with homemade corn tortillas made fresh daily and big bowls loaded with rice, beans and your choice of mahi, shrimp, beef, pork or chicken. Our menu also features all-natural burgers, fresh-cut fries, rum punch, sangria and an extensive list of frozen drinks (mango coladas and frozen mojitos top the list) as well as a carefully chosen selection of beer and wine.

Come visit us for lunch, dinner, a sunset drink or a frozen yogurt snack. We all look forward to seeing you on the beach!

All of our paper goods are earth-friendly. Even our cups and cutlery are made from corn, not plastic. We use locally grown, organic produce whenever possible.”

Author: Tom W.

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