St. Kitts Beach Bars: SALT Plage At Night

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SALT Plage Beach Bar in St. Kitts has been getting a lot of love since it officially opened a week ago, including this article from Caribbean Journal. The biggest problem with new beach bars, though, is finding images of them especially when you don’t live near them. That’s where crowd sourcing, and specifically Instagram, comes in handy. That’s how I came across these photos of SALT plage at night. I did a search for the #saltplage hashtag on Instagram and connected with Instagram user adrianjo07, who happily agreed to let me use his photos in this week’s articles. Cheers to you, AJ!




Do you have some photos you’d be willing to let me feature in an article? Use the tag “#beachbarbums” in any of your social media posts and I’ll gladly share them with the world and give you the credit for them. Well, maybe not the world but at least a few people will see them. I hope.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. we visited White House Bay on June 25. 2014. After 10 hrs sailing we were ready for an exotic drink at this inviting setting. the five of us got in our dinghy and over to the new dock. We were welcomed by nice people but we were immediately told we cannot tie our dinghy up on the dock, but we have to beach it about 50 yards of the bar. Strange… Upon landing I stepped into a cactus (one of many). Now with sandy feet and less enthused I still looked forward to a cold drink. We sat down and ordered 5 drinks. Note: At this time we were the only guests. About 5 people arrived by car a bit later. AFter we hadn’t received our drinks after 10 min. I got a bit impassioned after another asking where the drinks were I was referred to the “manager”. I approached him and was greeted in a most arrogant manor with the words “I am sorry that you have a frustrating day”. He introduced himself as the operations manager. He did not make any apologies or even attempts to get us our order. He talked about a production company that needed his attention and that he couldn’t do anything about the docking situation – “Management doesn’t allow it”. When asked if he likes yachties he just shrug his shoulders. He could have made an easy $100-150 that night. Later we looked over from our boat and there were maybe 5-8 people in total. If the docking will not change I’m afraid not many boaters will be inclined to pull their dinghies up the beach for drink.
    I know one thing, that is not a great start for this nice setting. It could be a beautiful place. Just get rid of that manager. The personnel is nice.

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