Beach Bar Crawling on the Elbe in Hamburg, Germany

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When it comes to areas known for their beach bars, Hamburg, Germany isn’t normally the first place you would think of. Don’t be too quick to toss it to the wayside as Germany’s second largest city takes pride in its ability to create beach paradises smack dab in the middle of urban life. Do a quick search on Instagram for pictures tagged with “beachbar” and you’ll soon notice that Hamburg does the urban beach bar right with riverfront bars such as Standperle, Strandpauli the Beach Club and Del Mar. With ample access to waterways due to its location on the Elbe, Hamburg, along with many of its fellow German cities, has shown that if you build a beach bar, people will come to sink their toes into the imported sand and toss a few steins back.






Want more information on the beach bars of Hamburg? Are you ready for a frikadelle in paradise? Yelp provides a handy list of Hamburg’s best beach bars for those of us who want to get straight to the point. For those of you who would a little more info, check out this great article from which describes the Hamburg beach bar scene as “glamour to grunge without sacrificing the key element – good times.” It includes a stop at the Strandperle, which Lonely Planet labels “the mother of Hamburg’s beach bars.” Even the UK’s Guardian chimes in, writing up Hamburg’s beach bar scene as “barefoot boozing in beach clubs” and the Strandperle as “a glorified shack on silky sands.” Can’t the best beach bars in the world be described in the same way?

Just remember – don’t go during the winter or you’ll be really upset with me. These beach bars are generally only open from May through November.

First three images of Strandperle by Christian Hafner. Fourth image, of Strand Pauli by “frolleinbombus” and fifth image, also of Strandpauli, by “flightlog.”


Author: Tom W.

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