Six Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were Sitting at a Resort Beach Bar

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For a lot of people, resorts cannot lay claim to having beach bars. The idea that a major corporation could effectively run a beach bar while maintaining its charm is unfathomable to many. I’m not part of that crowd. I think there are quite a few international resort chains that do a great job with their beach bars and while they may not rival any of the Caribbean’s best, they certainly entice me to choose one resort over another.

You see, I’m one of those guys that is absolutely obsessive about which resort I choose to stay at. One of my main criteria is that it has to have a beach bar and the reason is simple – I’m going to spend the vast majority of my vacation parked on the beach in front of that beach bar and the time not spent laying on the beach will be spent at the beach bar. If I’m not sitting at one or the other, it’s because I’m walking back and forth between them.

While you may have other important criteria when choosing a resort, don’t forget about their beach bars. You’re reading this blog for a reason, right? I mean, seriously, who would want to stay at a resort without a beach bar? Not I.

Following are six photos from the Sugar Reef beach bar at the Dreams Resort in Cancun that will make you rethink the importance of beach bars when considering your next vacation spot. I can already see them moving up you “must have” list.






Saved the best one for last! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this cutie?

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Cancun dreaming! 14 years later I still haven’t found a beach that beats Cancun! Well apart from Bali’s Nammos Beach of course! Err-hhmmm. 😉

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    • I’ve never been to Bali but I’ve heard great things about it. It’s on my wish list!

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      • It’s a magical place, the people and their culture are beautiful. I was lucky enough to live there for 3 years. Let me know if you ever get over that way 🙂

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