Burbanist Shoots Jam Rock Restaurant and Beach Bar in St. Kitts

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I’ve featured Jam Rock Restaurant and Beach Bar in St. Kitts on the blog before so as much as I love leftovers, I’m not going to rehash that information. However, I’ll jump at any chance I get to showcase the awesome photos from my social media friends. One of those people is Robyn F. (@burbanist on Instagram). Robyn just returned from a trip to St. Kitts and took some amazing photos of the beach bars which she shared on Instagram. After double tapping all her pics and contacting her, she agreed to provide me with more of her photos and those will be featured in upcoming articles.

When I asked her about Jam Rock, she didn’t hesitate to let me know what she thought about their food. “Jam Rock had the BEST food. It had amazing saltfish, jerk (ask for it Jamaican style if you want heat), fish goujons, and the most amazing conch chowder ever.” It seems like Robyn isn’t the only fan of Chef Michael Clarke’s dishes. The UK’s Guardian states that “… the hands down winner is their succulent filet of grouper smothered in a delectably creamy sauce … contented regulars choose it time after time.” It’s also a favorite of the folks at travel4foodfun.com. “The fish and lobster are served, sea to table, within hours. You cannot get much fresher than that! The flavors are intense, but not overwhelming. The fish and lobster are cooked to perfection. No over-cooking here!”

photo3The road from Shipwreck to Jam Rock.

photo1The kitchen at Jam Rock. In its previous life, it was a shipping container.

photo4Inside Jam Rock.

photo2The view from Jam Rock.

The next time you find yourself at Shipwreck Beach Bar or at Carambola on South Friar’s, head down the beach a little bit and give Jam Rock Restaurant and Beach Bar a try. I have a feeling your taste buds will thank you. They’re welcome.

Be sure and check back in the future for more photos from Robyn. She loves taking pictures of beach bars (can she get any cooler?) and I love sharing them so I’ll get them posted to the blog as quickly as I can. You’ll be able to pull up all of my articles featuring her photography by clicking on the “burbanist” tag.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. This was the jam!
    I was here years ago (roughly 2014) & stumbled upon Jam rock after a stroll down a neatly deserted, pristine beach which the cabbie was shocked I wanted to go to off the cruise ship. Man did I pick the right beach!

    Jam Rock holds a special place in my heart and taste buds; a memory kept like a time capsule inside my soul. Nowhere beat it accept for my trip through Bali.

    Everything was perfect that day. The feeling, the vibe, the girl, the drink, the beach, the weather, the little things.

    Brings a bittersweet tear to my soul.

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