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As simple as the recipe for the BBC (Baileys, banana and cream/colada) cocktail sounds, it’s amazing how many people actually don’t know how to make it or even what’s in it. There are variations – some have rum, some don’t, some use a pina colada mix while others use coconut cream or Coco Lopez. I guess the right recipe depends on your preference but to help us all out, I decided to turn to the experts and see how they preferred their BBC cocktails.

RumShopRyan – Ryan adds rum to his recipe (of course) and bases it on the drink served at Reggae Beach Bar in St. Kitts.

Sandals – Their BBC is a frozen version and uses a pina colada mix.

Beach Bar in St. John – If you’re going to drink a BBC, it might as well be at a beach bar. They also use rum but mix in Coco Lopez. – Not just a site for food recipes. This one leaves out the rum.

Do you have a favorite BBC recipe? Let me know in the comments and we’ll all make BBC’s while we stand around watching the BBC. I couldn’t help myself. You knew it was coming.

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  1. I am not so familiar with Bailey’s as a coastal cocktail but I know you can’t go wrong with Malibu and Midori for a tropical retreat. Mudslides have always been a favorite in my family and if they can sneak in a banana, oh, so much the better. Breezes used to have the best Mudslide that we found in the Caribbean. But hey, your BBC sounds kinda yummy too about now! Cheers!

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    • I love mudslides! You wouldn’t think they would taste that different from place to place but the best one I’ve had by far was at the Shiggidy Shack, a beach bar in St. Kitts. I couldn’t stop drinking them! Thanks for the comment, Andy!

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