Palm Beach International Boat Show – Part Three

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The first two of my articles on the Palm Beach International Boat Show highlighted yachts that for the most of us, were outside of the realm of possibility when it came to ownership. We could dare to dream but actually owning one of them? Probably not. The super yachts/mega yachts featured in today’s article probably never even appeared in our dreams as the reality of ever owning one of these never EVER crossed our minds. They do exist, though, my friends and someone has the money not only to own them but to maintain them.

When it comes to the amount of money required to start bidding on these yachts, walk away right now if the seven figure range makes you queasy. The 37 meter Zeepard is currently listed at just over $15 million with Northrop and Johnson. The 161 ft. Destination Fox Harb’r Too starts in the $18 million range for interested buyers. Not impressed? The Delta Marine super yacht Arianna is currently for sale for a list price of $45.9 million. The most super of the super yachts? The most mega of the mega yachts? That would be Solemates, the 196 ft. luxury yacht with a current asking price of over $80 million. How important is it? It gets its own website.dsc_7559











Author: Tom W.

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