Are These Bonaire’s Best Beach Bars?

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Sylvia de Leon at just posted an article featuring the best beach bars on Bonaire. Included on the list are such well known favorites as Karel’s and the Hangout beach bar at Jibe City along with some I had never heard of. I guess that means I need to find an excuse to head down to Bonaire and do some much needed “research.” My dad’s side of the family is from Holland so it would practically be like going home. It would be practically like getting in touch with my roots. Yeah, I think that excuse works.

Approaching the port in Bonaire with Karel’s in the foreground.
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Head over to Sylvia’s site and let me know what you think of the list! Did she get it right? If you had to pick the top seven beach bars in Bonaire, who would you have put on the list? It’s a fun debate for a beautiful spring weekend!

Author: Tom W.

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