Thirsty Thursday – The Mojito

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If I’ve told one person, I’ve told a million – my favorite drink is a vodka tonic UNLESS someone else is making the drinks. Then my taste buds start salivating for a mojito. I even considered naming my future beach bar Mojito but found out that was already taken. Oh well. I think Vodka Tonic Beach Bar has a nice ring to it .. or not.


The ingredients to a mojito aren’t numerous – it’s not like making a Long Island Iced Tea. It’s just the prep part that sucks. Who wants to cut up mint leaves and muddle all afternoon? I don’t even think I have a mortar and pestle which would explain why any mojitos made at my home consist of rum and a premade mixer. However, when I stumbled across this recipe for a mojito, I was intrigued. Suddenly, using prehistoric tools to form the perfect mojito didn’t sound so bad.

The key to this mojito recipe? Mint-infused simple syrup. Warning – it takes some time to put this together but aren’t all good things worth the wait? Just double your batch, suck down the mojitos and start on your next batch. It’ll be much more fun the second time – I promise.

Author: Tom W.

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