Beach Bar Crawling and Rushing Slowly

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Beach bar crawls have always been something I’ve been interested in (obviously!) so when I tried to come up with ideas to make this blog more useful to its readers besides just posting reviews and pretty pictures, I decided to create custom beach bar crawls for popular beach destinations around the world. The first article will focus on St. Pete Beach, Florida. Since it’s high on my list of places I want to visit and conduct a beach bar crawl, I could help others and myself at the same time. I know – ingenious! Then I thought a catchy motto/mantra would be nice to attach to the articles and act as a kind of reminder to people when they’re out doing these beach bar crawls to have fun, meet new friends and make memories. “Rush Slowly” immediately came to mind. I have no idea where I first heard that phrase but I thought it was perfectly fitting. What does rushing slowly mean exactly? I found a good definition here: “There are always hundreds of things to do and many tasks waiting for your attention, but you have to take time in all your rushing to slow down to not only do your best work, but also to experience the simple pleasures of life.” Kind of apropos, don’t you think?

The beach bar crawl articles will be coming soon but as any good procrastinating beach bar bum would tell you – “Rush slowly, mon.” In the meantime, a pretty picture reminder will have to do.


Do you live in the St. Pete Beach area? If so, let me know what beach bars you think should be included! They don’t have to be right on the beach – as long as they exhibit the characteristics of a beach bar, I’ll include them.

Author: Tom W.

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