The Best Painkiller Recipe Ever?

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I’ve seen a lot of posts claiming to be the real recipe for the Painkiller and while I don’t doubt their veracity or earnestness, there’s just something about the way the author of this article states his/her case that has me convinced he/she might have it right. Anyone who can put together the following sentence is going to grab my attention: “Each deals out plenty of complexity, as if the navy rum matches the joined multi-rum experience.” I’m seriously impressed!


Two versions are offered – the Mount Gay/Cruzan version along with the Pusser’s version. Since I have a bottle of Pusser’s sitting at the beach bar in my basement (yes, I have a beach bar in my basement), I might as well use that bottle up like the Cubs continue to use up the hard earned cash of their fans. Wait ’til next year! Yeah, sure.

You can view the original article here – The Painkiller.

Do you have a secret painkiller recipe you’d like to share? If you do, tell me all about it in the comments and I promise I won’t tell anyone!

Photo courtesy of Old Mango Company.

Author: Tom W.

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