Lake Havasu Beach Bars

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Once you’ve done the London Bridge thing at Lake Havasu, head to these beach bars to kick back and relax or party until the sun comes up. They’ll make you forget you’re in the middle of the desert.


Kokomo Beach, Surf and Party Bar
Located adjacent to the London Bridge Resort, Kokomo Havasu desribes itself as “the quintessential beach, surf, and party bar. A Tropical oasis in the middle of the desert. The music surrounds the club so our dance floors are wherever you want them. Our pool deck is great for relaxing and people watching, or jump in for a pick-up game of water volleyball.” More of a dance club (emphasis on the “Party” in its name) than a beach bar, Kokomo is open seven days a week during the season at 11 am. Yelp reviews can be found here.

Cabana Palms Beach Bar and Grill
Cabana Palms prides itself on bringing back the true spirit of beach bars. Forget the fact that it’s not even on the beach – any place that encourages you to “grab a drink, pick up a skewer kick off your flops and run your toes through the sand as we raise our glasses” is a place I want to visit. It’s closed on Tuesday so you’ll have to celebrate Tuesday Booze Day somewhere else. Head over on Monday if you can – happy hour specials run all day! Reviews can be found at Urban Spoon, Trip Advisor and Yelp. Get the most up to date information at their Facebook page.

Turtle Beach Bar
The Turtle Beach Bar, located at the Nautical Inn, is a grass hut bar right on the beach An added bonus – the Nautical Inn also offers Wet Bar, a bar at their infinity pool. It offers a “tropical atmosphere with island-inspired décor that transports you to another time and place. Enjoy a signature bucket drink like a Painted Turtle Tai, Pina Pond Turtle, Beached Banana Turtle, or Strawberry Snapping Turtle, while lounging in the shade, watching and enjoying the surroundings.” An added bonus – the Nautical Inn also offers Wet Bar, a bar at their infinity pool for those of you who prefer chlorinated water. If you want to go to Turtle Beach Bar, you’ll have to go Thursday – Sunday. It’s closed Monday – Wednesday. Reviews for Turtle beach bar can be found at Yelp and foursquare. Connect with them on Facebook for the latest info.

Sandbar and Grill
Located at the west end of London Bridge, there is not a lot of information on the Sandbar and Grill available online. In fact, I couldn’t even find a website for them. However, Go Lake Havasu did a review on them and had this to say: “Cruise your boat to shore and dock on the beach. Grab a burger to go or enjoy dining on London Bridge Beach. Either way, you are sure to enjoy a big, juicy cheeseburger from Sandbar and Grill right on the shore of Lake Havasu.” Even though information is limited, the review are good. Yelp reviewers give them an average of five stars. And that’s not out of 10 stars – that’s out of five. Color me impressed. It’s only open until 6 pm so get there early!

Pirate Beach Bar and Restaurant
Formerly referred to as the Naked Pirate Beach Bar, the Pirate Beach Bar and Restaurant is located at Pirate Cove Resort in Moabi Regional Park (you’re in Cali now!), a short jaunt up the Colarado River from Lake Havasu. They encourage you to “celebrate life, kick back and relax under the shade of umbrellas, palm trees, beachside palapas and rustic pirate timber wood at The Pirate Beach Bar & Restaurant. Live music, cool misters, and hand carved furniture set the scene for island fun. Join us for limbo, hula-hoop and other beach competitions! Whether you choose the inside air-conditioned restaurant or open-air beachside bar, it’s the place to be. More than a dining experience, it’s a Pirates way of life.” If you’re a pirate, you’ll probably love this place. If not, you’ll probably like it a lot.

Has anyone been to any of these beach bar? If so, can you add to the desciptions? Let me know in the comments. If I totally messed up this article by leaving out one of your favorites, shout at me in all CAPS in the comments and I’ll try to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

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