Photo of the Day – Cabarete Beach Bar, Dominican Republic … Plus the Farewell Tour Continues

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Beach bar found on a Cabarete beach in the Dominican Republic – a reminder that any true beach bar can be rebuilt in a week.


As I get ready to move this blog to a self hosted site and WordPress promptly kicks me off the Reader, I’ve started some “I’m moving” articles in the hope that some of you will find my featured photos pretty enough and my commentary bearable enough to follow me and keep in contact. The new contact email at this site will be available on the, you guessed it, Contact page, so there will always be that option. You’ll also be able to sign up for the monthly newsletter and be notified of new articles. If you’re into social media (I love it!), you can also find me at the following sites:


I’ll still have my WordPress account and will be silently stalking all of you on the Reader and occasionally commenting when I have something halfway witty to say.

And of course, all of this will still be able to be located at

Cheers to a great weekend!


Author: Tom W.

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