Happy National Margarita Day … or How I Sold My Soul to Jimmy Buffett for $9

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Happy National Margarita Day! As a staunch supporter and drinker of the original/perfect margarita (on the rocks with salt, please), I rarely order any other recipes. However, when I spot one that looks especially pretty on those oversized bright glossy menus they hand you at Margaritaville (they’re like an oasis in the desert to me, a home away from home, a lighthouse in storm tossed seas), I throw my staunchness and morals out the door. At that point, my eyes become hypnotized by the rainbow of colors, I point at the prettiest picture and mutter in shamed tones “I’ll start with that one” as the realization that I just sold my soul to Jimmy Buffett for $9 hits me. Never has selling my soul tasted so good and after three or four different margaritas, I no longer care for the original (or even if it’s on the rocks or frozen) and the perfect recipe becomes the one sitting in front of me at the moment. Damn you and your fun party-at-the-end-of-the-world island merrymaking, Margaritaville. You get me every time. And then you make me walk past the gift store with your $30 t-shirts? Well played … I’ll take three.

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For a list of the margarita recipes that tempted me, you can view Margaritaville’s drink recipes here. To view more margarita recipes, you can visit the links below. The decision to sell your soul will be up to you.

Cooking Channel – From an agave version to a cucumber jalapeno mix, you’re bound to find a favorite from the Cooking Channel.
Mix That Drink – Two words – beer margarita. “Pale ale meets lime-aid concentrate and chilled tequila.”
Sweet Life – More recipes than you can shake a swizzle stick at.
Frozen Margarita – It’s simply the coolest picture of a frozen margarita I’ve come across. And it was taken at a beach bar so that definitely helps its cool factor.

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  1. I get thirsty every time I look at your posts!!!

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    • I’m thirsty when I’m writing them, Wayne! Thanks for the comment and stay thirsty, my friend. 🙂

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