The Ten Best St. Kitts Beach Bars? Almost.

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A writer for the Telegraph’s Travel website just posted an article highlighting the ten best beach bars in St. Kitts. The fact that my favorite beach bar ANYWHERE, Lion Rock Beach Bar, didn’t make it, is a testament to the quality of beach bars in St. Kitts. It’s clear the author of the article, Nigel Tisdall, knows what he’s talking about and has probably visited each of these beach bars. I think he did a pretty good job putting the list together and in all honesty, I only have issue with a few of them. When it comes to putting together a list of best/favorite beach bars, a 70 – 80% acceptance rate from one of your readers is pretty much the best you could ask for.

So well done, Mr. Tisdall. It’s not easy putting together a “Best of” list for anything and when it comes to beach bars, people are particularly passionate about their favorite beachside watering holes. There’s a sense of loyalty to the owners who built them from nothing, the employees that make them feel like family and the rickety ramshackle walls that act as a temporary refuge from the outside world. I only ask one favor – the next time you’re on Cockleshell Bay beach, turn right at Reggae Beach Bar and keep walking until you see the red, yellow and green walls of Lion Rock Beach Bar. Something tells me that after spending a few minutes inside my favorite beach bar with the St. Kitts institution that is Lion himself, you might just find a spot for this small jewel in your next top ten list.


Author: Tom W.

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