Ghana Beach Bars – Beach Bar at Escape 3 Points

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Escape 3 Points on the southwest coast of Ghana is an ecolodge that stresses sustainability, leaving a small footprint in the world and setting an example for others. They try to accomplish this by “creating examples of alternative incomes through RESPONSIBLEtourism, ALTERNATIVE low cost building methods, natural fertilizers, renewable energy sources, alternatives to sanitation, etc. Through these initiatives, a relationship of LEARNING is formed between those in the COMMUNITY and those coming from outside. A BALANCE can be sought that will meet the needs of the people while PROTECTING endangered species of plants and animals.”

This idea not only applies to the lodgings themselves but also to the beach bar, which is one of the most unique ones I’ve come across. The website Flying Fourchette (which is where the photos come from) describes the beach bar as “an even more stunning setting (you guessed it, right on the beach), and immediately charms with its casually laid out rustic furniture, looking as if it has just sprung from the sandy ground” and is a spot where the ecolodge’s theme of being environmentally friendly extends to the walls, which were made of recycled bottles.




Author: Tom W.

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