Framing the Sunset at Pfeiffer Beach

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Any longtime followers of my blog or other social media sites will know that I love sunsets. When booking our annual trips to the Caribbean, I always try and stay at a resort on the west side of an island because I don’t want to miss the sunsets. You know those moments in your life that you can recall like they happened yesterday? Many of those moments for me involve sunsets. There’s just something about them that makes me think to myself “Yeah, life ain’t so bad right now.”

When I came across pictures for the sunsets at Pfeiffer Beach (which I have actually driven by on the PCH and didn’t even realize it) along the Big Sur coast in central California, I knew I had to share some of my favorite photos. Sunsets over the Pacific are magnificent on their own but when nature contributes a frame to the subject (in this case, know as “the door”), the photographs are taken to another level. Following are some of my favorite pictures of the sunsets at Pfeiffer Beach, which I don’t plan on missing the next time I’m roadtripping on Highway 1.


BigSurPfeifferBeachTheDoorNumber2Photo source

Waves crash through a sea cave and light up at sunset in Big Sur

big_sur__keyhole_arch_by_alierturk-d6y0cezPhoto source

pfeiffer-beachPhoto source


503i_Christenson_PhotonWorshipers_5019728_scaled2Pfeiffer-Beach-CaliforniaPhoto source

Molten_WaterPhoto source

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