Cook Islands Beach Bars – The Flying Boat Beach Bar and Grill, Aitutaki

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Conduct an online search for crystal clear water, gorgeous sunsets or beautiful white sand beaches and chances are good that you’ll come across pictures of Aitutaki lagoon in the Cook Islands. Located on Aitutaki lagoon is the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa, home to The Flying Boat Beach Bar and Grill a beach bar provides views that few in the world can match. comments that this beach bar “offers the best views of the fabled Aitutaki Lagoon as it is located directly on the lagoon on the private island of “Akituta”. Enjoy a tropical cocktail as the sun goes down.” One reviewer at states “This place was probably our favorite!! The fish and chips are melt in your mouth good!!! And they give you tons. You eat outside at picnic tables and enjoy a million dollar ocean view!! We went twice …in the evening the sunset is wonderful from here!”

Located on the aptly named Sunset Beach, a visit to The Flying Boat Beach Bar and Grill may be required in order to conduct proper research. Anyone care to join me for cocktails at sunset?

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