Top 10 Reasons to Stay at the Postcard Inn Beach Resort and Marina at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida – Part Two

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Toward the end of last year, I posted part one of a two part article listing the top 10 reasons you should consider a visit to the Postcard Inn in Islamorada, Florida. The article featured reasons 10-6 and I received an amazing response to it. It quickly became one of my most popular articles and I couldn’t wait for the day to come for me to post the top five reasons to stay at this beautiful resort in the upper Florida Keys. That day is finally hear so without anymore gibberish and pseudo-horn tooting from me, I give you the top five reasons you should stay at the Postcard Inn Beach Resort and Marina at Holiday Isle in sunny Islamorada, Florida.

All photos are from the resort’s website except for those of the beach bars. Those are mine. I happily spent many hours at each bar looking for the perfect point of view. I’m not sure if I captured their glory but I had fun trying.

#5 – The accommodations.
The rooms have recently been renovated and when you walk into them, you actually feel like you’re in Islamorada in the upper keys of Florida. The renovated rooms have a very distinct and classic beach/nautical theme to them that will envelop you with the same colors found just outside your door on the beach. It’s obvious someone realized how beautiful the natural colors of the Florida Keys are and decided to incorporate those into the rooms. It’s refreshing and relaxing.

#4 – The water activities.
Want to ride a jet ski, go deep sea fishing, charter a boat, go water skiing, take a nighttime cruise along these silky smooth waters on a stand up paddle board (yes, I said “nighttime”) or strap on a jet pack and shoot 20 feet into the air above the warm Atlantic? You can these and many more during your stay at the Postcard Inn in Islamorada.

#3 – The setting.
It’s on the Atlantic with water as smooth as the pond in your backyard. Don’t particularly prefer the beach you’re on? Move to the next one. If you can’t find the perfect spot to sink your toes into the sand at the Postcard Inn at Islamorada, you’re looking too hard. It has two fire pits which are lit each evening that sit under pergolas sandwiched in between the marina and the ocean. Get tired of looking at the ocean and you can swing around and dream of the day you’re cruising into the marina on your 60 ft. yacht. Swaying palm trees line the property adding to the ambiance. So many resorts I’ve been to have removed the palm trees from the beach. Not at the Postcard Inn at Islamorada. They tower over the beach and stand guard over its inhabitants without being so invasive as to block out the sun.

#2 – The beach bars.
Did I already mention those? At its essence, this is still a beach bar blog so it only seems natural to highlight these again. After all, it’s the main reason I chose this resort and is one of the top reasons I’ll keep returning. You won’t find another resort in the area with that many bars on the beach so don’t even bother looking. That’s almost a bar a night for a week! If you are someone who appreciates beach bars and the laid back island vibe that goes along with them, there is no need to stay anywhere else in the area. Did I mention that the World Famous Tiki Bar is the birthplace of the Rum Runner drink and that it’s delicious? They also make a Key Lime Colada utilizing the same juice they use to make their Key Lime pies. What does that mean? It’s a fruity frozen drink that’s not overly sweet. To quote myself after my first sip: “Oh my Lord. This is beyond delicious.” Book your trip now. You know your taste buds are salivating.

#1 – The staff.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the staff. They didn’t know why I was there and I didn’t want to appear like a creeper crawling around the resort grounds snapping pictures of the employees. The front desk will have to act as a reasonable facsimile of the actual humans since that is, after all, where great customer service begins once a guest arrives on property.

For any aspect of my trip to trump beach bars as the main reason for going, it would have to be pretty awesome and that is the perfect word to describe the staff I encountered at the Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle. No, they didn’t know I wrote a travel blog and was watching them keenly for research on this article. They were just genuinely nice, helpful and friendly. From the nice ladies cleaning our rooms with meticulous detail to Jenny, Jason and Theresa who served us drinks at the beach bars to the always helpful Janelle at the front desk, we were never made to feel anything but welcome during our stay. And no, they didn’t know I was there to write a review – they were pleasant because that’s just the way they are.

I hope you enjoyed my two part article on the Postcard Inn in Islamorada. Don’t forget to check out its sister property, the Postcard Inn on the Beach, in St. Pete Beach, Florida. And be sure to check back here in the future for individual articles on each of the Postcard Inn’s beach bars.

If you’ve been to the Postcard Inn, let me know what you think in the comments and as always, please feel free to mention any questions you might have.

Author: Tom W.

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