Beach Bars in HDR – Banana Boat and Two Georges, Boynton Beach, Florida

Author: Tom W.

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      • Why, I’d be honored! I’ll have a strawberry margarita, please…with a little umbrella. Thank you so much, and so nice to meet you here, Mr. 3D…

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      • See, beach bars breed friendships – even online! And since you asked … I’ll take a mojito!

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        • Yes Beach Bars are the beat. I am honored to meet you both here! Now a strawberry Marg
          and a Mojito coming right up! (I used to do this for a living) But I’ the umbrellas and straws will st be in the drinks when I get back, Specially if it gets a breeze under me on the zip back! I’ll be back in a flash

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          • I think I just found the bartender for my future beach bar!

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