Nevis Beach Bars – Sunshine’s Beach Bar, Pinney’s Beach

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There’s nothing I can say about Sunshine’s Beach Bar on Nevis island in St. Kitts and Nevis that hasn’t been said before. Its spot in the top 10 of many “best beach bars in the world” lists is well earned. When I wrote a previous article describing what makes a beach bar great, Sunshine’s immediately came to mind. It has the classic owner, the sand for floors, picnic tables mixing with plastic ones, a laid back vibe, its own signature drink, a structure that looks like it would blow over if the wind changed at the wrong time and a spot on one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see. Throw in the fact that it’s next door to the Four Seasons and the chance that you might be downing shots with someone famous and it’s a formula that’s hard to beat.

The first time I visited St. Kitts, we took a day trip over to Nevis and made a beeline for Sunshine’s beach bar for a sampling of his infamous Killer Bee drink. We had already been warned by other tourists and the guys on the catamaran not to have more than a few. After a morning filled with rum punches and our bellies full from our island lunch, though, we were feeling a bit braver than normal. Delicious is a good word to describe them but potent might be more apropos. I got three or four of them down and wandered off to buy a t-shirt while one of the guys with me decided to throw caution to the wind and opened himself up to more Killer Bees like he was a beehive. When we got back to the catamaran a little while later, he had somehow forgotten how to pronounce the letter “R” (he kept ordering the “panty wippah” on the boat, a drink formerly known to him just two hours ago as the “panty ripper”). Sunshine’s Killer Bees had left their mark and we had it all on video for posterity.

If you stay in St. Kitts, make sure and schedule a day trip over to Nevis and visit Sunshine’s Beach Bar. Depending on where you’re dropped off, security at the Four Seasons may give you the stink eye for walking by their property but it’s nothing compared to the looks you’ll get on the way back if you have too many Killer Bees. Consider yourself warned!

Here is what the experts have to say about this venerable Nevis institution:

“The seafood-oriented restaurant is an attraction unto itself. Bedecked in flags from all corners of the world (it’s rumored Sunshine buys one from wherever he’s traveled – if so he’s an exceedingly well-traveled fellow), with a full bar, and picnic table and closed-canopy seating along the shore, this is an absolute must-stop for anyone traveling to the island. The food is authentic, light, fresh, and grilled to perfection. In the afternoon it is a place that does not ask, but demands you relax.” –

“… a popular watering hole right on the beach where locals and visitors gather for home-cooked, freshly grilled seafood, ribs, and chicken. You’ll find everyone from dreadlocked locals to Four Seasons Nevis guests (the resort is next door) kicking back with cocktails and enjoying the ocean breeze.” – Huffington Post

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  1. We just got back from there in August, and unfortunately didn’t find it! 🙁 Well, lesson learned. The Four Seasons was very nice, however. And man, the mountain is beautiful with the clouds hovering over it. We had plenty of good drinks, to be sure. We danced with a local band one night, and I think I might have scared the other guests! (they were somewhat more reserved) Beaches = beautiful. Loved seeing the shipwrecked boat while on the ferry over to Nevis. Cheers! 🙂

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    • Thanks for the comments! That’s too bad you missed Sunshine’s. We were just in St. Kitts last December for 10 days and can’t wait to go back! And remember, you’ve always gotta dance like there’s nobody watching! 🙂

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