Photo of the Day: Bomba Shack, Tortola, BVI

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The Bomba Shack beach bar on Tortola looks like it was cobbled together by whatever pieces of driftwood the owners could find, decorated with whatever was laying about and then painted every color of the rainbow. It’s probably the reason so many photos of it exist online – you won’t find anything else like it. One perspective, though, that is difficult to find is the view from the Caribbean. I was pleasantly surprised, then, to stumble across these photos from Steve Simonsen, a Caribbean based photographer who lives on St. John. Steve’s shots of the Bomba Shack from the water offer us a view of this British Virgin Islands beach bar that is rarely found online and I am glad that he shared them with us. To view more of Steve’s fantastic photos, you can visit his online gallery at

Bomba's Surf Shack

Bomba's Surf Shack Apple Bay

Author: Tom W.

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