A Vertical Panorama

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One day as I was walking back to our room in the tower at the Dreams Resort and Spa in Cancun, I noticed an area sectioned off with tape and some ropes dangling from the building. When I looked up, I spotted four men working on the side of the building approximately 15 stories up. It was a windy day and I don’t know how many support ropes they had but no amount would have been sufficient for me. The idea of hanging from the side of a building while trying to complete exterior maintenace makes me nauseous.

I tried to figure out how to adequately capture the shot and after taking some video and normal photos, I grabbed my phone and used the panorama settings. However, instead of panning from one side to the other, I panned from up to down vertically. I had been practicing with it earlier in the week for the first time ever and really liked the results. Taking vertical panorama shots enabled me to more vividly capture the story I was trying to tell through the photo in a way that normally staged photos couldn’t.

If these guys would have descended to the ground while I was standing there, I would have tipped them. I dont’ know who much they’re paid but whatever it is, it’s not enough!


Author: Tom W.

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