Panic! At the Beach Bar

Few things will induce panic in a blogger quicker than the realization that their domain name has expired and the website has been “parked” and is now for sale. Due to being in the process of transitioning everything over to the company that is redesigning my website, I put off setting the renewal of the name to “Auto” at GoDaddy. That decision came back to bite me you know where and for an unknown amount of hours, was officially on hiatus and for sale to the general public (yikes!). Surprisingly, no one swiped in to snatch up the domain name and sell it back to me for $20. Really? I’m actually kind of disappointed. I mean, it has to be worth at least $15. Right? After sucking down a vodka tonic or two, I was able to calm down enough to pay the renewal fee and chat with a GoDaddy customer rep who was kind and compassionate enough to reassure me that everything would be OK. Lo and behold, he was correct!

So I’m back … slightly bruised (at least my ego is) but better for it and the worldwide beach bar crawl continues on.

Anyone else have any similar stories out there? Feel free to share them and save the rest of us some agony. We will love you for it!

Author: Tom W.

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