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I’m not under the false impression that my dream to own a beach bar will happen anytime soon. Life happens and dreams get set to the side. That’s one main reason, however, that I keep this blog and all its related social media sites going – they keep the dream alive and act as a constant reminder of what my future holds. In the meantime, I keep my eye out for possible properties and opportunities and try to get myself to the point that a bank doesn’t laugh at me when I show up at their door and ask for money to turn my dream into a reality.

One of the properties I stumbled across is the former location of Pinney’s Beach Club on the western coast of Nevis in the two island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. The beach club is located at the south end of Pinney’s Beach and its western facing perch makes it an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets from Nevis. From what I can tell, it’s been empty for quite some time, most likely due to hurricane damage. When I view the photos of it on Panaromio, the dream kicks in, my mind starts racing and the ideas start flowing. Unfortunately, information related to it is limited. I did find one article online that was from the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation which had their 25th anniversary celebration there back in 2009. Their newsletter states the following: “As part of the 25th Anniversary of the Nevis Housing Land Development Corporation, a show and dance was held at the Pinney’s Beach Club on Saturday 28th November, 2009. Featured artists for the night were King Short Shirt from Antigua, Kittitian Legend King Elli Matt who resides in Orlando, Florida, and Nevis’ own Odisi Band. The Prestige model agency also performed as part of the night’s proceedings.”

From this article, we can tell that the beach club was in operation through late 2009. A little further digging will take you to Its page on Pinney’s Beach contains a short blurb on the Pinney’s Beach Hotel which contains a photo of the beach club. However, the link to the website is a dead one. There is an email address so maybe I’ll try emailing them.

The only other pictures I could find were from and showed photos of the Pinney’s Beach Hotel which I assumed was associated with the beach club. The pictures are of the beach in front of the hotel showing the effects of Hurricane Luis back in 1995.

This is where you come in. It’s entirely possible that the photos are a few years old and they beach club could have been converted into something else. However, I just don’t know. Can anyone offer more information related to Pinney’s Beach Club such as what happened to it and its current status? Is it now part of the Pinney’s Beach Resort? Any information you can provide would be appreciated and will be shared in a follow up article with your permission. Your aid in helping my dream remain in focus will be rewarded with free drinks at my future beach bar!

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  1. do not waste your ;time fantacizing about pinneys. it is, at least at the start of 2015 essentially a disaster. others have been interested in the property, but have been thwarted in any overtures as a deliverable clear title to the property can not be discovered. It has gone through fits and starts over the last few years and become virtually uninhabitable as of Mar 2015. It is currently “owned” by an attorney from Nevis, but that “ownership” is unclear. It is,without doubt, a highly desireable property with large potential. you are not the first to show interest. The legal issues regarding title seem to be unresolvable.

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    • Thank you for the info. That’s too bad they can’t work something out. It’s a beautiful location!

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      • peter de haan
        yes, you are right. the location is probably the best on the island and I have made inquiries myself, and spoken to others who have also be thwarted in their efforts. I have stayed there for 25 years. Each year was a challenge to get any level of accommodation. Only once in all those years was there any hot water. It was, however, in spite the shortcomings, an extraordinary place, with the night lights of St Kitts twinkling in the distance, like a living jewel. Things come and things go, but now time is running out for me. Keep your dream alive, for with any dream, there will always come an opportunity to make it come true. One Love, always.

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