St. Lucia Beach Bars – The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar and Grill at Cap Maison

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The island of St. Lucia has been at the top of my Caribbean islands “must visit places” list ever since I first started asking people who lived in the Caribbean which island they would visit if they could choose. I was expecting Jamaica, St. Martin or Aruba to be among the most popular responses so I was surprised to hear the overwhelming majority of answers to be St. Lucia. Luckily for those of us interested in beach bars, this naturally beautiful island has given us another reason to book a trip – a brand new beach bar! Like you needed another excuse to visit St. Lucia. 🙂

The brand new Naked Fisherman Beach Bar and Grill in St. Lucia is part of the Cap Maison resort and is located on the stunning Smugglers Cove beach. Cap Maison describes it as “… one of the ideal places where guests love to relax during the day. Visitors can enjoy the feel of their toes sifting through the sand whilst listening to the sweet washing and lapping of the waves nearby, or watching stunning sunsets on the idyllic northern coastline of St Lucia.

The newly opened Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill, located right on the beach under thatched roof Caribbean style, serves a wide selection of rums, wines, cocktails, cold beers and other refreshments. Guests can revel in their addictions at lunchtime to the ever vibrant Caribbean music, deliciously fresh seafood, dripping ribs and homemade hamburgers (with evening service due to start 1st November). The beach staff at Cap Maison make a merry rum punch and their own potent spice rum mix which is much enjoyed by the guests.

A full chaise lounge service including towels is offered exclusively to Cap Maison guests. As a pastime, guests can find a nice spot close to the water’s edge to catch up on their reading. They can also engage in lively chatter with Cap Maison’s jaunty staff on politics, philosophy and the ingredients required for the perfect rum punch. Or they can just go out to enjoy some of the resort’s non-motorized water-sports including good snorkelling straight off the beach (tip: go left!), hobi-cats, kayaks and windsurfers.”

Luxurious Magazine’s Google+ page has this to say about it: “… the Naked Fisherman will offer a more casual and quintessentially relaxed Caribbean beach bar experience, but with the same detail and quality that the Cliff at Cap is famous for.

Named after the locals that were often seen fishing for their supper… naked… off the rocks in front of Cap Maison, the Naked Fisherman will offer great drinks, cocktails and simply prepared grilled food and salads. Delights on the lunch menu include crispy calamari with chilli laced salsa, grilled island catch, pumpkin & coconut curry and Caribbean chicken roti, chunky avocado and shadow bennie.

Naturally, however, the question remains and perplexes many a guest: why were the fishermen naked?! The resort’s family owners may know the answer but are remaining tight lipped for now …”

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  1. Every aspect to this BB is right on, and then if you’ve ever been yo Cap Maison, expect nothing buy fab!

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