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Named as one of the best new bars in the world for 2013 by Conde Nast Traveler, Janes and Hooch in Beijing, China describes itself as “a modern take on a vintage 1920s dive bar” with “a touch of class, minus the wank.” Conde Nast Traveler describes it as follows:

What: A factory mess hall from the Cultural Revolution—now a cocktail and whiskey bar. The look: Industrial brick walls and iron beams; a narrow spiral staircase leads to a large-group-only lounge lit by tiers of Edison bulbs. Who goes: Beijing’s local and expat cool crowd. The sound track: Jazz, some blues and doo-wop. What to wear: Men sport pricey jeans and button-downs; women, slim-fitting dresses. What to drink: The Sir Collins, a local play on the classic Tom, involves tea-infused gin with citrus and a fizzy splash—plus a salted plum garnish. The door policy: When the smallish split-level space fills, no one gets in. Reserve a table to assure entry (Lot 10, Courtyard 4, Gongti North St., Chaoyang).”

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