Photo of the Day – Whale’s Tail Beach Bar, Destin, Florida

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One of the things I love about beach bars is their colors, especially in the Caribbean. If there’s anything you can count on, it’s the fact that any Caribbean beach bar worth it’s lost shaker of salt is going to be covered in colors that would normally be considered gaudy on anything else. Of course, writing on the walls and any other exposed surfaces with a permanent marker is also deemed acceptable behavior so you have to keep everything in perspective. So when I find a black and white photo of a beach bar that grabs my attention, I have to share it with everyone. In this case, the Whale’s Tail Beach Bar in Destin, Florida isn’t covered in every color of the rainbow so the blacks and whites of this photo aren’t really hiding anything. What it does accomplish is what most black and whites photos should – it shows off the essence of the structure, the beach, the skies and the patrons and captures the emotion of the scene in a way that flashy bright colors would only distract from. In a way, it makes me wish I was in the photo and enjoying a night underneath the stars at my local beach bar.

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