Beauty in Bars – Burj Al Arab Hotel Skyview Bar, Dubai

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If heights are an issue for you, a visit to the Skyview Bar at the Burj Al Arab Hotel (yes, the Dubai hotel that looks like a gigantic sailboat) probably isn’t on your with list. Not only is the bar 200 meters (about 650 feet) off the ground, it juts out from the building in a futuristic looking pod. Be prepared to fork over some cash – afternoon tea here will cost you $122. And a glass of Louis Roderer Brut – $40, which is about the cost of a whole bottle.

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“Look up. Yeah, that little pod just 200 metres above the beach. That’s what’s next….

The sun has set on Dubai. Camels need rest, you need Aloe Vera. And your best designer glad rags. It’s cocktail hour, and there is only one place to do that when you’re sunbathing in millionaire’s playground – the Skyview Bar at the Burj Al Arab.

You’ll need a table. It’s not your average walk in. And ID, Security have a list.

The drive up the boulevard to Burj already has you excited. But the escalator ride will have you positively drooling at the Cartier diamond shops in the lobby. Remember, this is Burj Al Arab.

By now you don’t need the elevator, you could practically fly on your high. Just stop at the 27th floor, we don’t want you to miss the view from your martini.

Cocktails, whatever you desire. Decor, a hint of eighties, but it’s aquatic and it’s disco like, so what’s not to love? Bathrooms you must visit — not slightly for the Hermes hand washing, of course. Then lounge. Decorum is a must, but only second to your credit card. Remember, this is Burj Al Arab.”

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