Mexico Beach Bars – El Fish Fritanga, Cancun

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There’s about a 99% chance that we’ll end up going to Cancun for our annual December vacation. It’ll be our fourth time visiting Cancun and just like Las Vegas, it seems different every time due to the constant development. One of the consequences of this development is the lack of true beach bars in Cancun that aren’t attached to a resort. While I’ve always championed beach bars located at resorts, they still don’t have the feel of independent beach bars that are owned by a local family or group of friends. When people are personally invested in the success of something, they tend to create a better overall experience that resorts just don’t care about. While a resort may be concerned with the success of one of its onsite beach bars, a slow down in business, especially at the all-inclusives, isn’t as dire as it is for someone whose income depends on how good the experience is for their loyal customers. It’s that extra attention that separates independent beach bars from the resort owned beach bars – the focus on customer service and ensuring your paying customers have the best experience possible.

For me, it was a dilemma I faced when choosing Cancun as our next vacation destination. Beach bars are important to me. Hence, this blog. The resort we’re staying at has a great beach bar that I can sit at and enjoy the sunset and it’s one of the main reasons I’m paying extra to stay there. Viewing sunsets over the ocean in Cancun isn’t normally a possibility because of its location – most of the beach is east and north facing. Even the sunset from the beach bar at our resort will be half filled with mega resorts. I wasn’t ideal but it would have to do.

So you can imagine my surprise when I was surfing online and stumbled upon El Fish Fritanga. Located in the resort zone but sitting on the lagoon side, this Cancun beach bar describes itself as follows: “The beautiful sunset awaits you from the comfort of your chair and no where else provides a front row seat.

At nightfall, the stage background is composed of the moonlight and the sounds of nature , candles at your dinner table and all that combines to form such a cozy atmosphere.

Your friend, the waiter, arrives with dishes among which you’ll find in addition to seafood, delicious pastas and wines.

All this is happening in the heart of the hotel zone, without exception, in a magical Caribbean atmosphere that characterizes our beautiful Cancun. Our prices are designed for our favorite customers: the Cancunenses, so don’t you worry anymore about prices and enjoy our extensive menu that goes from our already world-famous, PESCADILLAS, to specialties like Pan de Cazon, Grand Marnier Shrimp, Fish Fillet stuffed with seafood, as well as Lobster, Chicken and Meats, Whole Fish on the Grill, all especially prepared and made with the exquisite touch and originality of tradiditional Mexican Cuisine…”

Beautiful sunset? Caribbean atmosphere? I can see myself spending a lot of time at this Cancun beach bar, soaking in the atmosphere and escaping the fast moving lights and sounds of the resort zone if just for a couple hours.

Has anyone been to El Fish Fritanga? If so, what are your thoughts? More information on this Cancun beach bar can be found at the following sites:

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