How I Got “Inon’d” at Inon’s Beach Bar in St. Kitts

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On the last day of our vacation in St. Kitts this past December, I was finally able to corral Inon, the proprietor of Inon’s Beach Bar on the north end of The Strip, and grab a quick interview with him. Before the interview started, Inon plopped down on one of the wooden stools next to his beach bar and asked the bartender for a beer. After grabbing his Carib and getting comfortable, I noticed the bartender was staring at him. When he finally looked up and caught her gaze, he mumbled something at her and motioned to me. My eyes met hers and before you knew it, I was handing over $3 for Inon’s beer … at his own beach bar … that he got for himself. Huh? When I related this story on Facebook, one of the fans of the page piped up right away and said “Dude, yeah, you got Inon’d.” According to this individual, Inon was known for convincing others to buy him his beers at his own beach bar and whenever it happened, people referred to it as getting “Inon’d.” Does that make him a bad person? Absolutely not. If you want to call him anything, it would be a shrewd businessman. Not only does he get to drink his own beer, he gets to make a profit from it!

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re buying something for someone that they should be getting for free because they own/run the establishment, you can turn to your friends and say “Dude, I just got Inon’d.”

In the end, the interview with Inon was well worth the $3 and Inon’s Beach Bar is still one of my favorite St. Kitts beach bars. If you end up on the Strip, don’t just hang out at the south end where the taxis from the cruise ships drop everyone off. Take a stroll down the beach and enjoy the scenery and activity on your way down to Inon’s Beach Bar. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to sit down and chat with Inon himself … and maybe buy him a drink if you’re lucky. If so, it will be the best $3 you spend on the island.



Author: Tom W.

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