St. Kitts Beach Bars – Vibes Beach Bar, Frigate Bay

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When I was in St. Kitts last December, Vibes Beach Bar, located on South Frigate Bay Beach, aka “The Strip,” had yet to open. It was in the finishing stages and opened up about a week after I left. While I regretted not being able to see the beach bar in full operating mode, it did give me the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes before a new beach bar opens its doors. Talking to the owners and staff over the length of our stay, you could tell that they were excited about the beach bar and the possibilities that existed.

Featuring granite countertops, a bamboo wrapped bar and modern furniture, Vibes Beach Bar was going to have to rely on more than just pretty aesthetics to stand out. “The Strip” in St. Kitts is packed with beach bars. From The Dock beach bar at Timothy Beach Resort on the south end to Inon’s Beach Bar on the north, there is nary a swath of sand not being shuffled pebble by pebble onto the floor of a beach bar. The owners of Vibes Beach Bar had a plan, though, and that plan has succeeded. Vibes Beach Bar has managed to set itself apart from the other beach bars on the Strip by appealing to more of the party crowd in St. Kitts. They’ve accomplished this by having themed nights almost every night of the week, a DJ booth so people can dance to the latest tunes, multiple television screens for watching sporting events and a separate “beer bar” on the beach with a second level. They have even had foam parties on the beach! Normally reserved for dance clubs where the foam can be contained, Vibes Beach Bar came up with the idea to have a foam party on the beach and by the looks of it, it was a smashing, if messy, success.

While Vibes Beach Bar may not be for those of us looking for a laid back quite evening to enjoy the beautiful St. Kitts sunsets, it’s definitely found its niche on the Strip and I for one am happy for them. In fact, I’m already getting my foam outfit ready for my return visit!
More information on Vibes Beach Bar can be found at the following sites:
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  1. Hi there i am Troy of Vibes Beach Bar. You need to comr back and see us now.

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    • We had family that was just there in December – stayed at Timothy Beach Resort. Said you guys were doing great! We’ll definitely get back to St. Kitts soon!

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