Beach Bar Playlist – Tuesday Tunes

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Songs that appear on a beach bar playlist don’t have to be dominated by mellow acoustic songs that slowly lull you into sleep or a meditative mood or reggae tinged beats that make you feel as one with the island life. They don’t even have to be sung by people with the last names of Buffett, Chesney or Brown. Much like my own musical taste, they can run the whole gamut of musical genres country to CCM and acoustic to electronic. Today’s song, “Down the Road” by French DJs/turntablists C2C, is in the electronic realm. What I like about C2C is their ability to take old soulful songs originally played on scratchy records and put a dramatic new twist on them using new scratches. They successfully accomplish this while maintaining the guts of the songs that gave them their soul in the first place.

Enjoy the song and let me know what you think. Would you play it at your beach bar? Would the opening scratches make you want to pierce your eardrums or start tapping your toe and swinging your hips ever so slightly?

Author: Tom W.

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